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TRUST-PV at Solar Quality Summit Europe 2024

Press release

The first workshop ‘Testing and assessing the market readiness of digital technologies,’ will take place on 23 January, 12.00 – 13.15. This workshop will explore key innovations, like for example, storage flexibility services, along the entire solar value chain, revealing the results of their performance in the field, and assessing their market readiness. A key hurdle for new technologies in Europe is bridging the gap between prototype and market readiness, i.e. ‘lab-to-fab.’

TRUST-PV’s second workshop, ‘Preventive mitigation measures for more accurate PV plant design,’ will take place on 24 January, 10.30 -11.45. This workshop will focus on how to reduce any potential risks in solar power plant design, and the importance of building quality assurance into the planning phase of a solar project.

To find more about the workshops and participation, click right here.